Elven Community



The elves in Retreat usually make for Evermeet across the sea or Evereska on the edge of the Great Sand Sea of Anauroch.
Those who choose not to abandon the Realms entirely join the community at Evereska and seek to help defend Evereska’s new colony in the Greycloak Hills.

Evereska (Eh-ver-EH-ska, which means fortress home in the elven tongue) is a rich and fabled valley nestled in supposedly unbreathable mountains, tucked against the borders of Anauroch. It is one of the last large concentration of moon elves in the North, possibly in the Realms themselves.
Evereska is a high valley surrounded by mountains, its only entrances either well-guarded and difficult ascents or secret tunnels known to few. All good elven folk are welcome to this vale, and elven lore and wisdom are held in high esteem and cherished here down through the centuries.
This vale has been a refuge of the elven peoples for over 7,000 years and has never fallen to any outside attack. It is said to be guarded by the magics of the greater elven power Corellon Larethian. Several times in its long history, the mountain fortress has been attacked by goblins and orc armies, but these armies were eradicated by screaming magical bolts from the sky.
The High Valley of Evereska is removed from the common world by its altitude, and this may be why this region remains strongly elven while most of the rest of the elven nations have gone into Retreat. Frequent watchposts lace the mountains surrounding the domain and guards maintain constant vigilance, so that travelers seeking Evereska are usually discovered by the elven watchmen before they see the elves and before they get within 10 miles of the vale.
Those who seek to fly above the range have a similar problem, for the elves of Evereska maintain several flights of giant eagles that are used as mounts for the slenderer members of the race.
Those who seek to enter by magic (from another plane or by teleport) find all such magical methods foiled (perhaps by some gift from Corellon). The best method of entering Evereska is as an elf or in the company of elves in an open and honest method.
Of the vale itself, its resources are rich and abundant, dwarfing the meager resource of the wastes beyond its mountain walls.
Temples of all the elven deities may be found within, with matriachs and patriarchs of very high level, as well as a college of elven and select half-elven mages who make their specialty the Ethereal and Astral planes.



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