Miri Tallstag


Miri, a young Chondathan girl grew up in the city of spenders also known as Waterdeep with her parents; Dorn and Esvele Tallstag. They were reputable and well respected merchants that supplied taverns and nobleman with wine, mead and ale. When she wasn’t playing with the other children in the city, she would be sitting on the back of the wagon with the kegs helping her parents transport the stock. The last thing that she remembered of her parents was the day when the black hooded man sentenced them both to die; shortly after their lifeless bodies were hanging from the castle battlements.

The next few days were miserable and a complete haze as she was lost in her despair, coming to terms that she no longer had a home. That she no longer had food, warmth or a sense of security as she was completely and utterly alone. All she had was the clothes on her back, her father’s gold merchant pin and her little mouse Amble to keep her company.

A few years passed and Miri learnt to survive which meant she learnt skills that no child should know such as not to trust, where she could pilfer food from and how to survive in the poor district which meant where not to go, and how to escape the clutches of the City Watch, and other predators.

Her once beautiful and clean brown hair had grown long and wild. Her clothes were simple and tattered and looked quite stale. There was sadness in her eyes. Finding a meal became harder and harder. When she was younger most people would pity her and give her their leavings. These days she had become a lot quicker, aware of her surroundings and could usually sneak food and items quite easily from merchants.

One miserable night, against her base instinct, she decided to sleep in an area which was claimed by a small gang. She was awoken by a group of 3 or 4 older boys that had bound her hands and feet and gagged her to keep her quiet. One of them screamed at her ‘You came to the wrong area’, and then they proceeded to kick and punch her again and again as she laid helplessly. She slipped thankfully into unconsciousness as they dragged her off, but was awoken abruptly in shock as she was thrown off of a pier into the ocean, her shock turning to terror as they ran off. Miri began to panic as she tried to reach the surface, not knowing how to swim, she kicked and splashed as best she could, but quickly grew tired, slipping back into oblivion.

The lids of her eyes felt heavy, but she slowly opened them, surprised to be welcomed by a very tall man. He introduced himself as Torinn and was the caretaker of the orphanage in the South Ward of Waterdeep. Torinn explained to Miri what had happened and that she was very lucky to be alive. He knew that on her own, Miri would not last and that it would be a matter of days before she was gone if she did not have a safe place to recover. He offered for Miri to live within the safe walls of the orphanage with food, shelter. In exchange, Miri would have to tend to chores and help take care of the orphanage and other orphans as well as take his lessons.

More years past and Miri had just turned 19 years old. Although she found it hard to trust people, she found a deep love for her friend Torinn who became like a father figure to her and that he found a lot of joy teaching things like how to speak draconic, which was his passion . On her 18th Birthday, Torinn gave her a beautifully embellished fan, that when unfolded would show a sleeping black cat which Torinn knew was her favourite. Her survival mode still drove her though, and so her small room in the orphanage started to build a small stockpile of things which didn’t belong to her.

Everything changed one day as an enforcer from the local thieves guild came to extort ‘protection’ money from the orphanage, Miri watching the confrontation from the storeroom she had been cleaning as Torinn pleaded with him. Suddenly, the enforcer smacked Torinn, sending him flying, and in a helpless rage Miri ran up behind him and stabbed him in the back with the small dagger kept always close by, dropping him instantly in a pool of his own blood. Torinn stood in a panic, looking around, and with wide eyes told Miri to flee Waterdeep, as the thieves guild will seek revenge. He arranges passage for her on the caravan, giving her a little gold, and tells her to head south. Miri gathered all of her possessions in her backpack and left within the hour, promised to return with riches to help the orphanage that had been her sanctuary.


Miri Tallstag

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